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Friday, March 27, 2015

Leading The Double Life

This post is going to be very informal and casual.
Just something I would like to vomit out.

Being twenty one is totally different from being twenty, in my opinion. When I was twenty, I felt very carefree. I do what I want, at my own time, own target. I don't see the importance of saving money, what I want to do in the future or what I am planning to do in the future. I was very laid-back and I didn't think much of the future. Maybe I had a plan, one or two but never really try to make it happen. For instance, saving money. I have always wanted to save money, but have I? I did try to save money but I ended up touching my savings. Now, it made me realise, I got to do something about it. No more slacking. I feel that at this moment, I am living a double life. 

Life #1

I am a normal girl. Have always been. I don't count myself as a public figure or a somebody. I never see myself as that. I've heard so many of:

"WAH 20K IG followers. You must be somebody."
"You so famous ah…"
"You must take care of reputation… Everyone looks up to you."
"You must not do *this* *this* *this*… What would people think?"
"Your boyfriend play for national football. Wah! #relationshipgoals"
"Wah you are so successful! You have changed a lot over the years."

First of all, really? Am I a somebody? Who am I compared to those who have 1 million followers? Nothing. I never once wanted to be somebody. Hate that word, a lot. Makes me look so delusional. Lol. Okay sorry. 

Famous. REALLY? FAMOUS? You know what's famous? Rihanna, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, that's famous. If I am on the same par as them (not a chance), then I can gladly say I am famous. 20K only, really meh? Know that there's always somebody out there who is better than you. Never self proclaim yourself as famous. Let people give you that status but it's up to you whether you want to receive it or not. Hahaha… Hate how some people are so proud and big headed when they have thousands of followers. Like, hello???

This is something I cannot tolerate. Reputation. What reputation are you talking? What image? I never wanted to have a reputation or be a role model to anyone. I am just me, a normal girl who just wants to voice out her opinion to others and hopefully, one day, I am able to inspire people with my story. I am not always 100% right. I am no angel. I admit. I do a lot of wrong things in life and I am not proud of it. But if it is who I am, what I enjoy doing, then who are you to stop me? True? 

I am Malay, a muslim. I got slammed so many times for the food I eat. (Sometimes attire, but I am over that.)

"Is it halal?"
"I thought not halal."
"Eeeee… you eat pork?"

REALLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYY???? HAIS! If it's halal, I will state, okay? 

Next, my boyfriend. A national footballer. So? Yes. I am proud of him but it has nothing to do with his status leh. My relationship with him has always been about the heart, mind and soul. Awww. But really. The guy I am madly in love with happens to be a footballer. You can't stop my heart from having feelings for him right? He is an awesome person himself.

Lastly, successful. Whenever people say I am successful, I can only smile. But to me, I am not a successful person, yet. I have big dreams, just like any other girl out there. Success means achieving something I have always wanted to build for years. To build an empire. To start a business of my own. Even if one day, I am able to achieve that, I will still not count that as a success because it's not enough. Maybe after I have set up my own business, success means I have to beat all the business in Singapore (just trying to give example) and be number 1. But even so, if I am able to do that, you think I will still be satisfied? No. Success is never enough for me. I mean, how high or far can you go in order to be successful? It is up to you how you define success. 

I am glad I am able to clarify all of that. Phew.

As I was saying, I am just a normal girl, leading a normal life. I realise that I need to stop slacking. I need to find a normal job to pay my bills, my expenses and start on my ACTUAL saving. If I have extra income, I would love to be able to help my mum out financially and lessen her burden. I am currently working, average five times a week, 10 hours a day. Just because I am having school break now, I am able to do that. Even when school reopen, I will still need to work my ass off. I am not going to say that without working, I won't be able to live. I will but this income that I am saving is for the future. I want to be able to pursue my degree after diploma (which can cost me a five figure fee), settle down with Sahil, open up my business… It involves A LOT OF MONEY. So, if I don't start now, then when?

Suffer now, enjoy later. Will always remember that.

Sahil is the kind that would love to take charge of everything. Take responsibilities for all my expenses. He feels that it is his job but I strongly disagree with his thinking. He likes the idea of me being a housewife when we get married one day. Of course I was like, NO?!! I  want to work. I am not the kind of person who would rot at home and become tai tai. I need to do something with my life rather than sit at home and do nothing. I can become psychotic. As long as I can still work, why not work?

I have been very busy with life lately and I can't keep up. I feel tired and exhausted. Now, I am on 6 days leave because I was supposed to go Maldives but it was cancelled last minute. That's the reason why I have all the time now to blog. 

Life #2

Besides being a normal girl, I am also a girl who is full of hopes and dreams. I love fashion, I love blogging, I love vlogging, I love taking pictures, ootds and many other things. I love interacting with people and learning new things. If you have seen my Instagram, it's all about beauty, make up, reviews, ootds, more of something that I love and enjoy doing. I love my Instagram, it makes me happy to see all the beautiful pictures taken by me. Sounds weird but it makes me appreciate life more. Okay anyway, the saga that has been happening for the past few months were quite ugly and horrible I find. I mean, all I do is basically just watch. I know I am contracted under GC, but as an individual, I just watch. I have my own opinion, my own say, my own stand. I keep it to myself. No one has to know. I don't have to prove anyone a point or owe anyone an explanation.

I am the kind of person who doesn't like drama or negativity. I like peace. I like calm. I like serenity. My reaction when I read XX blog post was, "Oh okay…" and it just went by. What bothered me the most was the comments from anonymous on my social media platform. Crazy people. The thing about comments are, they are very hurtful. Intentionally or not intentionally, doesn't matter. But words do kill you knowwwww. Ouch. One day after the incident, I got over it. I just let it go. That's how I deal with the saga if you are wondering. Hahaha… I lost a few friends after the saga but it's okay la… Make my life easier in knowing who my true friends are. Afterwards, I didn't follow up with the news till today (even after the 2nd saga). I am clearly not interested. Even when people talk about it, I just listen but don't really care. Just not my thing leh. What a boring topic to talk about. Talk about success, okay can, I'm on.

My stand is, it doesn't matter who win or lose. I hope that it has taught everyone a lesson and learn from it. That's all. Simple. Hahaha…

All I want to do now is to concentrate improving myself as a person and learn from my mistakes. Learn how to take in criticism and let it be a motivation. Tired is not an excuse. If you want something badly, you would chase for it until you get it.

Okay, that's all. Finally I feel so much better.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My First Eyelash Extension Experience

I was unsure if I should give it a shot. The idea of enhancing any part of my face scares me as I have yet to experience it for instance, eyebrow embroidery, fillers or even plastic surgery. Make up and threading not included. Not long ago, I made an appointment with Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons to do an eyelash extension for the first time. While I was on the way to the beauty salon, I felt very nervous and scared. The reason why I felt that way was because I didn't know what to expect from my visit there. I came across a number of reviews about eyelash extensions online and the common feedback that I read would be something along the lines of, "eyes turning red" or "uncomfortable feeling". I was terrified that I would end up feeling as though I wore thick fake lashes that would last me for about a month. That is crazy because I can't even last half a day wearing fake lashes! 

Since Sahil accompanied me that day, he tried to make me feel better by telling me that I should keep calm about it and assured me that it wouldn't be as bad as I thought it would be. He spoke as though he had done it before!!! Maybe I was just being paranoid. I mean, I don't want to live forever with a new set of eyelashes that sits uncomfortably on my normal eyelashes. I easily get agitated with something that feels uncomfortable to me and I have a feeling I might end up plucking them out one by one if it happens. I was obviously over thinking about the whole situation. Never mind. 

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by a friendly staff that stood behind the main counter. I was very impressed with the concept of the place. The ambience was very peaceful and relaxing. It makes you forget about all your problems and all the negative thoughts just fade into thin air. I must say that the place is equivalent to a spa resort.

Before I begin sharing my unforgettable experience with you guys, I would love to introduce to you my eyelash extensionist.

Her name is…
Momo Nishikori (Top Eyelist)

She worked as a Top Eyelist at the age of 21-year-old and was the youngest Eyelist in Japan Eyelash Extensions Association. She manages the eyelashes extensions salon and school along with her sister in Shibuya and during that time, she was teaching and practicing eyelash extension for feminine beauty ladies. In their salon, Eyelist check your lash hair quality, eye shape and face shape to see which lash would suit you best. Of course, you can propose a suitable design for your eyes. Eyelist will start fitting the last extension to your natural lash one by one and will give you the basic counselling on how to take proper care of your eyelash. When it's done, your eyes are good to go even without eye make up on.

The EyeDesign is special and safe as every single piece of eyelash extension and safety glue is made from Japan Eye-Design Factory. The safety glue used is made for sensitive eye. The factory makes their own lash extension so they know the best way to put on the eyelash extension beautifullyTo prevent any irritation around the eye area, Eye Design Lash-ist are trained to place the eyelash extension 2mm away from the eyelash root. This way it doesn't harm the natural lashes.

Very hairy.

The procedure

You like it?

I was surprised that the procedure was 100% comfortable and irritable-free. No redness on my eye at all! Whatever negative reviews I read online must be from somewhere that does not provide good quality lashes and services. Definitely not from this beauty salon. Hehehe…

Even Sahil loved it. Me too.

I am looking forward to my second appointment with Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons as some of the lashes have dropped. What I like about this eyelash extension is that, even though some lashes have dropped, it looks very natural on me. That was the reason why the eyelist recommended that I should do the Gorgeous Eyelashes (which requires more lashes) as it will fall out and still look natural on me. Very true!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do the eyelash extensions last?
Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent. They will last up to two months but in order to maintain a full lash, you must come in once a month for a "re-fresh" appointment. Eyelashes grow just like normal hair with the exception that the lash cycle out every 30-60 days. Unlike the hair on our head, the light of our lashes is predetermined. Eyelash lifecycle includes a growth, rest and shedding phase. The semi-permanent eyelash will shed with the cycle of your natural lashes.

Are the eyelash extensions safe? Will they damage my natural lashes?
When your eyelash extensions are applied by a trained Licensed Eyelash Extensionist, they are completely safe and harmless. In fact, they grow, rest and shed right along with the natural eyelash to which they were applied so there is no damage to neighbouring eyelash.

What is the eyelash application procedure?
Receiving a full set of eyelash extensions is a 1 hr procedure. First, you will fill in a client consultation form and then, they will discuss any questions or concerns that you may have. After they have addressed all of your questions, you will then lay back and relax on a comfortable massage chair while closing your eyes. They will then apply collagen anti-wrinkle gel pad on your eyes to cover your lower lashes. The gel eye pad will leave your under eye feeling soft and rejuvenated after your lash application. After which, they will start applying the eyelash extension one at a time to one single eyelash with sanitised tweezers.

May I apply mascara to my eyelash extensions or eyeliner on the top of my lash line? What type of eye makeup remover should I use?
Yes, you may wear mascara on your lash extensions although the extensions will make your natural lash look darker. I strongly recommend that you use water-based mascara and apply the mascara from the middle of the lash to the tip of the lash. Do not apply any more than two application of mascara as you do not want to get the mascara clumped into your lash extensions. Do not use oil-based or waterproof mascara. Waterproof mascara is very drying to the natural eyelash and extensions. It will dry out the adhesive and eyelash extension resulting in shedding sooner than later. Any oil-based mascara or makeup remover has the same effect on the eyelash extensions. You can also apply gel eyeliner on your top lash line; a pencil liner may dry out the lash extensions. Again, avoid all oil-based eye products including eye makeup remover.

How do I maintain and take care of my eyelash extensions?
  • Avoid pulling, touching, picking, rubbing your lashes at all times.
  • Do not wash or get your eye wet for 6-7 hours after your lash application.
  • Be careful when sleeping. Do not face down as it will smash the lash extensions and they will become tangle and worn.
  • Do not use oil-based eye makeup remover 0r facial cleansers. Use only gel/water-based to remove makeup and clean your lashes.
  • Only use a water-based mascara to ensure that the product will easily wash off without scrubbing.
  • Do not use an eyelash curler. Since your eyelash extensions are already curled and long, you will not need to curl your extension. Eyelash curlers are extremely harsh and will break both your natural lashes and eyelash extensions.
  • Use warm water with a Q tips and suggested gel-based cleanser to clean your lash and remove eye makeup.
  • Occasional short visits to the sauna or steam room is fine. However, daily or excessive exposure to steam causes the adhesive to loosen the extension from your natural lash. If this happen, it may require more frequent visits to retouch your lash.

113 Devonshire Road
Singapore 239878
Tel: (65)6334 7898
Open: 9:30am to 9:00pm
Closed on Wednesday

Thank you for the great service!

FFL Fresh Fruits Lab
351 Changi Road
Tel: 6677 6741

They have the best mushroom soup ever!

Now I can wake up to nice, long lashes :)