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Friday, June 26, 2015


Hi friends!

Raya is coming soon and I'm sure you guys want to try different cookies this year! My mum will be baking the Crunchy Snow Almond Cookies. You can choose two flavours; chocolate or/and strawberry. You can mix them both! My mum is kind enough to deliver the cookies right at your doorstep!

Small bottle (50 pieces) - $15
Big bottle (100 pieces) - $30

There are three slots that you can choose from: 
9th, 10th, 11th July

All delivery is made from 7pm to 10pm. 

Do email ( me your orders in this format:

Choice of Flavour:
Size of Bottle:
(repeat if there's more than 1 order)

Date of delivery:
Special request: (if any)

Payment made by bank transfer only!

*Last order on 3/7/2015

Thank you and please spread the word! Salam Ramadhan everyone :) 

Friday, April 17, 2015


A few weeks back, I received a parcel from Snupped which contained a laptop sleeve and a phone cover that I proudly customised for myself! Since school is starting soon, why not take the chance to beautify my laptop sleeve by customising it with my own logo. The letters "AA" stands for "Asyiha Ams" if you are wondering what the design means. Simple yet classic. Can't wait to bring it out for school!

Judging from the photo below, you are able to tell that the laptop sleeve is actually waterproof. So, on rainy days, I can just conveniently use my laptop sleeve to cover my head!

Before I get started on the two things that I customised, let me tell you a little bit of background about Snupped!

Snupped picks the best materials to get the job done. They strongly believe in making products that will last a lifetime while leaving the least impact on the environment. When researching for ideal printing methods, their team takes months and countless test-runs to ensure the durability of the type of ink we use. A conscious effort to use water-based inks when possible is their promise. They are odourless and provides a healthier working environment even though they are significantly more expensive to use. 

Every Snupped product that leaves their office is made on demand and by real people. It is this unique aspect of their business that makes every case special. It is customised and crafted only for the customers. Not one case is the same as every craftsmen has their own touch and it is reflected in the case that you receive. 

They actually share a commission of each sale with their artists. Every artist has a unique story, and it's their belief to share it with everyone.

Customised "AA" logo laptop sleeve

I chose the polka dot design for the inner part of the laptop sleeve.


Customised LG G3 Phone Cover

The first question would be, 

"Why didn't I use the phone cover with my phone?"

Good, good. You are aware.

I was still using the LG G3 when I was customising for the phone cover. I chose LG G3 phone cover for the sizing. Few days later, I went down to Singtel to re-contract my line. I got psycho-ed by the salesperson into buying an iPhone 6+ for myself and boyfriend wasn't being very helpful as he gladly agreed the offer. So, I traded my old phone for an iPhone. When Snupped items came, I quickly unpacked it. A few minutes later, I realised, "OH GOD.... HOW AM I GOING TO TAKE PHOTO OF THIS CASING WITHOUT THE ACTUAL PHONE???"


Therefore, it resulted to a phone-less cover.


I want to show you guys how I customised my phone cover.

I randomly googled "Palm Trees" on Google and this particular photo caught my eye. I edited it by inserting my name on the top right hand corner of the phone cover and tada! See, see???

So cute right?

Here is how you can customise it!

Go to and it will bring you to the homepage

Click "Design Yours Now" tab in the middle of the webpage and it will bring you to a page whereby you will able to design your laptop sleeve.

You can pick your laptop size by clicking on the first option, "Select your device model". If the size of your laptop does not appear in the option, you may select "Other Models (Custom Tailored)" and type in the size of your laptop. It will appear below the search bar and you can click on it.

After which, you will be able to select any design for your laptop sleeve, both front and back. You can have different design for each side. If you feel that there is nothing that catches your eye, you may upload your own image by clicking "Your Images". There, it will allow you to drop your image or click on the "+" sign in the dotted box to upload.

Once you are done, you can proceed to customising your laptop sleeve with the advance feature available. You can choose whichever colour and design you like for the inner part of the laptop sleeve. You will be able to add features like handles and pockets. 

Besides laptop sleeve, you can customise anything which includes phone covers, casings and so on.

Similar to the laptop sleeve, you will be able to customise your phone covers (and etc.) base on your own liking and interest.


(Just like how boyfriend initiated but no... it's very cheesy. Too cheesy...)

Make your idea come to live! 
Be creative and who knows, people might want to have the same design as you 
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