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Sunday, January 15, 2017

Singapore Biennale 2016 - An Atlas Of Mirrors

I could not recall when was the last time I visited the Singapore Art Museum. Whenever I scroll through my Instagram feed, I often see my friends posting cool photos of themselves with different artistic backdrops and lighting effects and I thought to myself, when is my turn? 

Thank you Singapore Art Museum for the two complimentary tickets! Sahil and I were so thrilled to witness the exquisite portraits of art as well as experiencing the mirror exhibition. Felt like a kid again.

Turn left, mirror.
Turn right, mirror.
Go straight, mirror.

No prizes for guessing who knocked into one of the mirrors.

 It was actually my favourite exhibition.

Sorry, what/where/who are you looking at exactly?
I thought I was the one that you are looking for.

Okay, so how far is it from my room to the kitchen? Map please.

Kanye West, is that you?

So many tiny humans hanging on the wall.

Initially, I wanted to take a photo of the wall but this lady in the photo keeps appearing every where I go. However, I strongly believe it's pure coincidence.

I am loving the shadow.

I thought Sahil how to pose like me. Pass?

Just a random thought; do people still read blogs? In my opinion, I don't think so. It doesn't really matter, does it? Let's keep it traditional. An online diary it is.