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Sunday, May 1, 2016

First Look: KAT VON D Beauty

I was invited to attend Kat Von D makeup masterclass with Eric Soto. For this event, I chose a look that best fits the theme. 90% black, 10% fierce. Still unsure if it was a successful attempt. At least I tried?

My look:
Morphe 35O eyeshadow palette from Coma Makeup
Eyelash from @the.armoire

*screams for Kat Von D*

Okay, she IS the definition of 90% black, 10% fierce. Just look at her tattoos!

The moment I sat down, I just had to start playing around with Kat Von D's beauty products. It was insane! I tried the foundation, concealer, lipsticks, eyeshadow, everything that was set on the table. Erik Soto was demonstrating a makeup look on stage while I made a whole mess on my table. Ooops? I mean, really? How can you refrain yourself from trying out all the amazing products? I can't even keep my hands still for a minute.

The moment I received an email regarding the arrival of Kat Von D beauty products, I screamed. Best news so far.

Concealer in five different shades

I was asking Eric, the makeup artist, some questions and he mentioned that Kat Von D is coming up with a new concealer which is in the colour of white.



I can use that as the base before applying colours on my lips.

Eye contour kit

Comes in three different palettes

Foundation in different shades

I like how it has high coverage and conceals the pores very well. Smooth finish and non-patchy.

Crazy colours eyeshadow

Very pigmented

The first few products that I tried was the concealer. It's very light weight. Not too sure if it is able to conceal blemishes on my face. I heard that this concealer is similar to NARS concealer and that it is able to conceal tattoos (on your body) if you have one. Maybe I should try again when it's out in stores for purchase.

Eye shadow palette

Very hard to find a black lipstick for myself. The last time I saw one was from LimeCrime.

Now, Kat Von D Beauty has one.


Mixing two colours
In shade Slayer and Echo

The best part of the day was...

The Free Goodie Bags!

Let's see...

Contour palette

Lipstick in shade L.U.V

Their highly raved tattoo liner

Eye Contour kit

Lastly, contour brush in a case!

The packaging reminds me of vampires in old victorian days.

Can't wait for it to be out in stores!

Sephora, I'll be waiting for you...

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