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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

IDS Skin Care Updated Review

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I was born with sensitive skin and on numerous occasions, I have to deal with different kinds of skin problems. Trying to overcome those problems can be quite frustrating for someone who is impatient (like me), especially when it gets out of hand even before you can start fixing it. I fall under the 'combination skin' category and believe me, you wouldn't want to have that skin type. You don't know which one to tackle first when you have both oily and dry skin!

Two years ago, this was how my skin looked like:

Today, I wanted to do an updated review on my skin!


Two years later...

No photoshop, I promise.

I want this blog post to be authentic and non-fictional.

My forehead area has been the hardest to deal with. Besides that, the rest can be controlled.

I took this photo directly under the ring light to give a clearer image of my skin. 

Below are the skin care products that I'm currently using. It is slightly different from the first set of products that I used because two years have passed and my skin got better.

I cleanse my face with C1 Cleanser ($55.80), making sure that my skin is absolutely free of dirt. Double cleansing is fine. Start off with one or two pumps and rub it against your two palms continuously with a few drops of water until it becomes foamy.

After you dab your face with a clean towel, it's time to apply T1 Purifying Toner ($55.80). You can spray directly on to your face or alternatively, use a cotton pad to wipe it across your face.

Once your toner has dried up, you can proceed to apply C-Plus ($135). Pump about three times on your fingers and gently spread the liquid on your face evenly. Wait for it to seep into your skin and dry out.

C-Plus helps to reduce the redness and marks on your face. It contains Vitamin C and E which provides superior anti-oxidant, collagen-boosting benefits, skin-lightening effects and smooth wrinkles.

Apply AA on areas that appear to have dark spots, commonly blemishes and pimple scars.

This is where magic happens. Apply IDS Spot only when you have pimples growing. I'm unsure what the contents are but it's FANTASTIC!

There is another thing that I would love to share with you guys in addition to my skin care products!

It's called Diamond-Dust Perfector Foundation ($90).

It contains actual diamond-dust particles which helps to cover pigmentations on your face, giving it a soft-focus effect. It illuminates your face, making your skin glows from within.

This foundation has an amazing coverage that helps to conceal blemishes and discoloration on your face without having to apply any other make up products such as primer, moisturiser, highlighter and so on. That alone will give all of that effect.

Me wearing Diamond-Dust Perfector Foundation

1. How much does the products cost?
It ranges from $39 to $170.

2. How often do you use the products?
Every night before I go to bed. Before when my skin condition was bad, I had to use it both day and night.

3. Is it a one-time payment or every visit basis?
You will need to go for consultation first. Subsequently, they will recommend you a set of products that will help to improve your skin condition. You will have to pay for the products on that day. Normally, it can last you more than three to four months.

4. Do you use make up after applying the products on your face?
No but you can if you want to.

5. How long does it takes for you to recover fully?
Definitely more than six months for it to fully recover. However, you can see improvements within weeks.

If you have any questions, do drop me a message on email, Instagram or Facebook!

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